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Microsoft Dynamics 2013 is such a paradigm shift from CRM 2011, more so than it was from 4.0 to 2011.  That said, the first iterations of the flow UI have been buggy and the backend processes, while elegant in some, have provided some serious hinderances to alot of the work that I’ve seen.  CRM 2013 SP1 managed to fix quite a few things, however, if you have a heavy development shop, you will see issues when you try to rollup business processes with plugins w/in a solution, as it simply will not bring up the plugins.  The only workaround is to create a second solution with your plugins or strip out the plugins and re-import them.

Then Microsoft released UR1 for SP1.  A little better, but the latter issue was still present.  The stability fixes actually far outweigh the concerns for plugin development, and I would definitely recommend you install this Update Rollup.

A terrific resource to keep up to date with CRM work is the CRM in the Field blog where the Microsoft CRM PFE’s focus on various topics and deploy the content.  I work with a few PFE’s and this blog is a very well done service for the CRM professional.



here’s a list of fixes contained with in CRM 2013 UR1 Sp1:

Update Rollup 1 for Service Pack 1 resolves the following issues:

  • The lookup view for the Site entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is not sorted by name
  • Recently Viewed Record List Becomes Empty After Update
  • Option Set is not selected on first click
  • Forms lose focus when using lookup field in CRM for Outlook
  • Emails with attachments created while in Offline mode throw an error while going Online if user is set to use CRM Email form as the default email form for outlook
  • Duplicate records created if Save or Save and Close is pressed multiple times
  • If there is a web resource being called using a button within the ribbon and resource is updated, the updates are not shown when the CRM for Outlook client is Offline.
  • Command bar disappears when you click on the button for a custom web page
  • When tracking an email through the CRM Email Router, when there are two images embedded in the body and one of the images is a link to an image (url), the email that is not a link to an image gets duplicated and replaces the one with the link.
  • Options Sets with no label disappear when trying to change its value
  • Unable to select body in completed Email activities
  • Consider the scenario where the “subjectid” field on an entity form is set to Business Required. In this scenario when “subjectid” receives focus without providing a value and then loses focus the field will thereafter show the Field Validation message “You must provide a value for Subject”. This message will be displayed with the Validation Error icon even if valid “subjectid” value is provided. This validation error prevent the user for saving the record. “subjectid” getting focus without a value can be due to user interaction clicking, field getting focus form onload or by calling setfocus in jscript.
  • Issue occurs moving across pages when using Next Record or Previous Record button on a form to move to second item after crossing the page boundary 1. The ‘previous record’ button becomes disabled after you cross grid pages 2. After crossing a page boundary the ‘Next Record’ is available to click but does nothing.
  • Unable to configure CRM for Tablets on iOS7 devices. Not caused by a specific entity just the combination of many customized entities.Cannot uninstall Managed Solution after Service Pack 1 Product Updates have been applied
  • CRM 2013 does not support CEIP Option disabling through the XML config file
  • When you apply conditional formatting to a CRM view in the CRM for Outlook Client, you receive an error when changing the sort order and navigating to page 2 of this view: “There was an error displaying the records in this view.”
  • Date field in the Note wall displays incorrectly in en-AU environment
  • Forms opened as the result of the Convert To, Set Regarding, or Set Parent ribbon actions cause the forms to be opened in the Outlook process rather than the WebFormsHost process which may cause Outlook to become unstable.
  • After Applying CRM 2013 Service Pack 1, Automatic Resolution does not work when using TAB key
  • Users clearing the value on a business required lookup field may notice that any onChange events attached to that field are executed twice using the field’s old value.
  • In an Opportunity that you have created, click + beside “Sales Team” sub-grid, select “Lookup more records” and select multiple users. When you press OK, there will be an error on the page and not all users are added.
  • When programmatically making visible tabs that contain several subgrids, the size of these subgrids is not recalculated causing the layout to be scrambled.
  • Daylight Savings Time rules will be incorrect for Egypt time zones after the installation of the fix it updates for Windows
  • CRM accesses even when you turn of Bing Map integration
  • CRM reports embedded in IFRAME objects (on forms / dashboards /etc…) no longer display correctly when using Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10
  • After adding a Connections sub-grid to an entity form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, clicking on the plus(+) button doesn’t open a window to add the record. Additionally, users will see a ‘Error on Page’ status at the bottom of the browser window.
  • When navigating away from an area that links to content hosted on a different site than the CRM web, you receive a blank page and a script error occurs.
  • German translation corrected for the Phone Call Activity, to show “Anrufen mit”
  • ‘Add Existing Competitor’ button does not work as expected when you add the OOB Competitor N:N relationship to the Opportunity form navigation.
  • Users migrating databases from external systems to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will experience Generic SQL Errors. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
  • The Business Process Error dialog that contains the debug file is not displayed when a profiled plugin is executed on a grid refresh. An unhandled exception occurs instead.
  • Script error occurs when selecting a party type field in a Business Rule action
  • Cannot display Notes intermittently if setting Note as the default tab of the social panel
  • When trying to change the parent account relationship behavior. On the first try everything goes well but after saving and publishing all customizations any change will be not be saved. The following error is thrown: The related entity has already been configured with a parental relationship or a relationship where some behaviors cascade. Select the referential relationship type.
  • Cannot switch between Product lines using arrows when Product Inline Edit View
  • Cannot upgrade solutions with custom activity entities after upgrading from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013
  • When the ownership of an Opportunity changes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the ownership of the corresponding Lead also changes.
  • Consider the scenario when an entity record window is a popup outside of the CRM 2013 application. When a user navigates to a related entity associated view and clicks on the Opportunity name on the form, the system takes the user back to new Opportunity form instead of returning to the form for the existing record.
  • Clicking on a HTML Web Resource within an IFrame does not perform the Mscrm.SimpleInlineControlEditView.prototype.onPageClick which then forces a call to Mscrm.FormDataControl.prototype.setAttributeValueFromControl. This calls Mscrm.FormDataControl.prototype.setAttributeValue to update the value of the attribute in a newly updated text Mscrm.TextBoxControlEditView so that when script is run inside the IFrame and accessing parent.Xrm.Page the value is in correct.
  • When you apply conditional formatting to a CRM View in the Outlook Client, you receive an error when changing the sort order and navigating to page 2 of this view: “There was an error displaying the records in this view.”
  • Users of modified Lookup views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 may notice attributes being rendered in the lookup are not part of the layout.
  • When a user who has delegated access to a calendar receives a Meeting Request for another user, if they track the item in CRM and then try and set the regarding object, the appointment is never created in CRM. The appointment states, “This meeting will be tracked in CRM after it is saved or sent”.
  • After upgrading to CRM 2013 you are not able to import translations for display strings when other languages have been enabled and were customized prior in CRM 2011.
  • CRM users who accept and track appointments received from a sender using a POP3 email provider such as Hotmail or Gmail may notice duplicate Appointments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • When using Server Side Sync and configuring User’s mailboxes for Email sync, embedded images within emails are not displayed when using the web client to view the tracked email.
  • When revising a quote on a form that utilizes a custom business process flow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, users will receive the following error: Unexpected Error An error has occurred Downloading the error log provides additional information: Crm Exception: Message: An unexpected error occurred., ErrorCode: -2147220970, InnerException: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index at System.Collections.CollectionBase.System.Collections.IList.get_Item(Int32 index) at Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.BusinessProcessFlowServiceInternalHandler`1.NavigateToNextEntity(Guid currentEntityId, String currentEntityLogicalName, Guid nextEntityId, String nextEntityLogicalName, Guid processId, ExecutionContext context)
  • When enabling filtering on a view, if the user’s screen cannot display all the columns on the page simultaneously, the filtering button (funnel) covers the drop-down on the last column
  • When viewing the result of a Rollup Query, an error occurs when a column is added from Account into Contract Line’s Advanced Find View, and the Entity Type is set as Contract Line.
  • When Accessing CRM application using the MOCA client, system deactivated views are still available and selectable from within the MOCA client
  • After updating the Unsecure Configuration for one of the existing plugin steps for the ActivityFeeds.Plugins to not contain XML, it will cause the Async service to crash in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.
  • When attempting a lookup on a field that will be filtered by a N:N relationship, the following two errors are shown: There was an error while trying to resolve the typed in text. Please use the lookup dialog to set the value. An error occurred. Please try your search again.
  • Consider this scenario where you have a CRM 2013 environment that was upgraded or has 2011 customizations imported. When customizing an Entity’s new Refreshed form using the “Merge Forms” functionality some Event Handlers are merged but do not appear in the Form Properties Event Handlers section. When adding the script event handlers manually it is observed that the scripts fire twice. This occurs for any control that already has a CRM internal or manually added Event Handler on the target Refresh form.
  • Mobile application fails to configure due to metadata inconsistency in views
  • Users attempting insert an Email Template with an attachment into an Email in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 get a dialog ‘This template contains attachments. If you want attachments as a part of your email. Click Cancel. Save the email, and then re-apply the template. To continue without the attachments, click OK.” even if the email has been saved previously.
  • Users of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Client for Outlook are prompted to enter credentials when downloading attachments.
  • When selecting a Price List, while adding Existing Products within an Opportunity, the Price List selected using the default view “Price List Items in Entity Price List” would only show the Product icon and not the name of the Product.
  • When opening a record containing a reference to a child record using a quickview control, that does not have access to the child record will prevent you from opening the parent record, resulting in a privilege error despite you have full permissions on that parent record
  • Realtime workflow on a partylist field picks up the wrong field value
  • When you upgrade to Service Pack 1 CRM 2013 and you have workflows that contain wait conditions on attributes the wait conditions may fail if they are NOT of the following attribute types DateTime Status Boolean Decimal Float Money Integer Picklist/OptionSet This occurs if you have enabled the OrgDbOrgSetting: ActivateAdditionalRefreshOfWorkflowConditions
  • When you attempt to export a view to Excel from the explorer ribbon in the CRM client for Outlook an error is received. The error is received if the view that you are exporting contains attributes from related entities and the total number of attributes is 10 or greater. This begins to occur after Service Pack 1. Useful error information can be obtained from the server platform traces Platform Error: >Crm Exception: Message: Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit., ErrorCode: -2147204339
  • Secondary category picklist values are not sorted in comparison charts even if an order is specified in the chart definition.
  • Selecting multiple products causes duplicated Product line records in SalesOrder
  • While setting the SetRegardingLookupDefaultEntityType OrgDbOrgSetting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the setting is correctly applied but the Lookup dialog for Regarding attributes defaults to the Account entity rather than the entity specified in the setting.
  • SQL CE CommitMode.Deferred transactions do not always commit, causing duplicated tracking tokens
  • The returned DBCS display value from inline lookup create displays incorrectly
  • Two Account/Contacts field in ‘Add Data Value ‘ while inserting/updating E-Mail Template for Opportunity. One of them is inserting blank value with no indicator if which one is working and which one is not
  • After adding a Connections sub-grid to an entity form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, clicking on the plus (+) button doesn’t open a window to add the record. Additionally, users will see an ‘Error on Page’ status at the bottom of the browser window.
  • Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 receive “An error has occurred. Please return to the home page and try again.” error dialogs when deleting more than one product at a time from an Opportunity, Sales Order, Quote, or Invoice record.
  • Users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 are not able to create a parental relationship between two custom entities if the related entity has an attribute with the Image data type.
  • Users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 who have configured SQL Reporting Services to run under a service account from a trusted domain will see the following errors when attempting to run a report: An error has occurred during the report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Cannot create a connection to data source ‘CRM’. (rsErrorOpeningConnection) System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException: There is no such object on the server.
  • Unable to search the Opportunity Product by Product ID after clicking on ‘+’ option on the inline items sub grid for Existing Product on the Opportunity form.
  • Users attempting to set the state of an Appointment to Scheduled by setting the Status Reason field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 are unable to do so because they only have the Free and Tentative option values.
  • When a team owns a record and that record is also shared with that same team, no user is able to remove the sharing from that record
  • Exceptions that originate from an asynchronous plugin’s constructor will cause the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Async service to terminate.
  • When you have custom scripting on an entity form that executes the Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType function you may receive Invalid Operand to ‘in’ exception either in the UI or when you debug your custom script. This error will occur after calling Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType only after one of the following actions is taken on the form Adding a competitor to a sub grid Adding a new access team member to a sub grid Removing an access team member from a sub grid Adding a connection to a sub grid Updating the role on an existing connection in a sub grid
  • You receive the below error once you enter the text in any Activity, Task, or Notes after entering text with ‘@’ symbol in the POST’s under Social Pane of any record. “Access Denied. This form is no longer available. As a security precaution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To continue, close and reopen the form, enter your information again, and then save the form.” This issue appears on all Refreshed forms which have Social Pane.
  • When two entities have an N:N relationship and a new subgrid is added to one of the entity forms, it will not display the + icon.
  • Cannot configure CRM mobile application due to failed metadata loading when LabelText is missing
  • If a business rule is defined on an entity with conditions that include where a field “does not contain data”, when an existing record is opened and the value in that field is removed the business rule is not fired.
  • Required Attendees not populated with Contact when related Appointment created from Contact
  • CRM 2013 Server Side Sync fails for users randomly with “This operation can’t be performed because one or more items are new or unmodified.”
  • When you apply conditional formatting to a CRM View in the Outlook Client, you receive an error when changing the sort order and navigating to page 2 of this view: “There was an error displaying the records in this view.”.
  • Selecting value from dropdown doesn’t select the value
  • In an opportunity that you have created click + beside “Sales Team” sub-grid, select “Lookup more records” and select multiple users when you press OK there will be an error on the page and not all users are added.
  • Duplicate records created if Save and Save and Close is pressed multiple times
  • DST changes for Russian time zones
  • Date field in note wall displays incorrectly
  • DST rules will be incorrect for Egypt time zones after the installation of the fix it updates for Windows which reflect changes to DTS as announced by the Egypt government
  • Two account/contacts field in ‘Add Data Value ‘ while inserting/updating E-Mail Template for Opportunity. One of them is inserting blank value with no indicator of which one is working and which one is not
  • When you navigate to a view for related records you will not see the name of the view or have the ability to switch to another view.


Microsoft CRM 2013 SP1


Microsoft CRM 30k foot review


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online and On-Prem

So far, Microsoft CRM is trending on solid.  I am liking some of the new list of features on Microsoft CRM 2013, and most of all, I’m liking that Microsoft has managed to get the backend database up to SQL2005 standards, meaning that they have combined both the extended base and base tables.  This has simply allowed for pure performance in the db by allowing reduced table calls and allowing the engineers to properly index the table.  Another uplift from Microsoft CRM 4.0 and Microsoft CRM 2011 is the new flow UI.  Even though you may have  customizations in your older CRM2011 environments that could be Ribbon intensive, however, the new flattened UI does provide a seamless WPA that your end users will more likely embrace in the long term.

I will need to introduce some additional functionality here in my next few posts.  Some of the features that I’ll post will revolve around:

Exchange Sync vs. Email Router

Database maintenance

Setting the ORG DB maintenance schedule ** Important **


Questions and/or Input???

If you can think of any topic that you would like me to touch on, please post to the bottom of this page.


Thanks again!

Beautiful scenery in northern Utah.

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CRM 2011 – Increase your Split Role Environment

post on July 19th, 2013
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Most Microsoft Dynamic CRM2011 deploymentss that I’ve seen tend to revolve around a single node full server environment.  This will typically consist of a single app/web server and a database backend servers.  All in all, this is one of the simplest types of environments, as the authentication for the sandbox, async, and database services are all pretty much self contained.  The fun occurs when you want to extend you environment to a larger audience with built in redundancy.

If you look at Microsoft Deployment documentation, they explain three different scenario’s.

1. Single application server and a single database node.
2. Frontend\Backend split node and a single database node.
3. Frontend\Backend\SSRS multi-server with a single

Microsoft’s documentation on this product is fairly decent until you want to extend the deployment to successfully provide a high performance, highly available deployment.  For this, I have had the fun and pain involved with configuration and testing, which with the help of Microsoft eveluating my On Premise deployements, I have a fairly robust confinguration.  Through some of the next blog posts, I will be going through some various topics from items that I’ve learned in the hopes that the information that I’ve gleened will help somebody else.

One this post, I will go over creating a web garden in a multi-node environment.  The business case that surrounded the desire to look into the web garden configuration was directly related to several orgs running a considerable amount of sync and async workflows and processes that would peg the async service memory utilization.  Through profiling, I was also noticing that the server would queue up the jobs and after a while, the execution time would start to suffer and overall client latency would jump, causing errors on the time sensitive work flows.  I was throwing memory and processors at the application and database servers with no great jump in performance. This caused me to rethink the architecture a little more, which was becoming more and more complex.

In the past, I have hosted web servers in a web garden scenario, which yielded some serious gains on the client calls to the back end.  The caveat with a web garden is that you need to calculate the amount of resources with one process and then configure the app pool with the desired number of worker processes that do not exceed your total installed/available memory.  Here’s my calcuation.  ((Total Memory-20%)/(web process Memory) )/2 , in my example, my web process was taking a little more than 1gb, so if I plugged in 1024 into my calculation, with 12gb as my total hardware capacity, the formula would look similar to this: ((12248*.8)\1024)/2   ( 9798.4/1024)/2 = 4.xx worker processes.  Now, this is quite a few worker processes, however, this formula will give you a good safe call on what your capacity should be.

So, here’s what I tried.  Again, this isn’t technically supported, so please document what you do, and make sure you take a backup of your db to prevent any corruption.  Luckily, I have a good enough relationship with my pfe to bounce some of these thoughts against.

*******************Bad Configuration**********************
2 Frontend servers, 1 Backend server (all configured the same 4 proc 8gb ram).  I am good at this point.  Now, the next steps, this is where I break everything.

On the front end servers:  Extended the app pool to two worker processes each communicating to the backend server, which had two processes it self.  Here’s the issue.  Initially, the web servers connected to each other and all appeared to work, that is until the async service tried to make any calls, that were initiated from the frontend servers (workflows, etc).  The jobs would simply hang and/or error out immediately with no error identifier (duh, it’s microsoft).  After kicking off a trace and reviewing the event viewer on all thress servers, I noticed that the net.tcp calls were failing with an unauthenticated call.  Well, after diving into it more, the system would bounce all system calls, in a load balanced fashion, between all threads, which as the front end establishes a secure session on connection 1, the minute the connection moves to a separate thread, the session is invalidated and the system call drops.  Through this processf, I also noticed that the frontend to backend calls were multi-threaded by design, which negated the need to use a web-garden configuration. Good times.  So, this is what I did.

On the frontend servers, I left the initial configuration the same, however, I beefed up the memory on the backend async servers, increased the worker processes to 4 ( in a web garden configuration ), which could handle the multi-threaded calls from the frontend servers.  During a 12 million row ssis package calling the web services, I saw an approximate 240% increase in performance, where initial configuration provided 2900 rows a minute to almost 9000 rows a minute. 

Now, keep in mind, this may or may not work or prove to be as impactful as it was for me, however, I wanted to provide some basic information on what I did to overcome performance concerns in my CRM deployment. 

Let me know what you think and/or what you did to improve performance.  If there are any questions, please let me know and I can research the topics you provide.

Jelleybean Swiftkey 3 Software Review

I was turned onto Swiftkey by one of my colleagues about a month ago.  I was skeptical on the ideal application for Android,  until I tried it. From first impressions,  it is pretty much like any other keyboard on the market,  that is until you purchase the full version. By purchasing the full version,  you unlock the full set of features, all of the themes,  keyboard setup (mutiple keyboard and layout options),  learning capabilities,  etc.

For example,  my verbiage differs greatly from platform to platform,  which can and does affect how I speak.   In order to learn my speech patterns,  the application will reach out to sources such as Twitter,  Facebook, Gmail, and your local sms texting in the attempts to understand how you communicate. I was worried that it would be intrusive, however the passwords aren’t saved and I was able to limit the applications visibility to my sources.   In the week that I’ve been using this application,  a total of 1.1mb of network traffic was documeted,  which all coincided with my manual updates.   In my opinion,  That’s not bad at all.

Just to go over the options I love:

1. Full language support

2. Keyboard configuration and layout options.

3. Learning communication traits by uderstanding how you communicate and provides suggestions and/or auto correct options.

4. Keyboard performance and accuracy reports that show my usage tendencies and errors that I can then take and improve my usage and accuracy

The second thing that I liked about the application was the ability to change the key size and layout of the keyboard.   For exampe,  I am currently configured with a split keyboard that mimics my ergonomic keyboard (minus the curve),  which allows me to peck out my words rather quickly,  and I can even use the arrows to scroll through my emails,  blogs,  and texts more easily to fix spelling errors.

I can go on and on,  however,  I would recommend browsig Swiftkey 3 trial and see for yourself,  and if you like it,  you can spend the $1.99 for the full application.

Going to War

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Well, we’ve come one step closer to war with Iran.  Last week, my country, the USA was flying an unmanned drone over international waters with in 20 miles of Iranian airspace.  Iran scrambled two jets and intercepted the unmanned drone, at which time they opened fire upon the aircraft.  They pursued the drone until it retreated and managed to land at it’s home base w/out any damage.


Just curious, but if you had your supposed enemy walking around the perimeter of your yard spying on you, what would you do?  If Iran managed to fly their planes around any no-fly or questionable area that we occupied, how would we respond?  Precisely, a few question should be popping into your head.

What is war to us?  We are still in occupied Iraq, Afghanistan, quite a few parts of Africa, China, and N. Korea.  Whats one more country to add hostilities to.  Don’t get me wrong, those countries that have the strength to assist those less fortunate, should be obligated to help protect them.  The term, what’s in our countries best interest is thrown around, and boy was it thrown around during the 2012 election season.  Statements and aggressive rhetoric plagued our media waves with phrases like “We cannot allow them to get a nuclear bomb”, and the “cannot allow” statement did not take war off the table.  When repeatedly questioned by the press, the Romney/Ryan ticket repeated this same rhetoric time after time with no real answer.  I have a few resources in the military and they have been telling me of maneuvers in places that may cause some tense situations that may or may not lead to escalating conflicts in the region and I am not ready to see any more war.

I pray that our leaders listen to us.  I pray that while we agree that we need a strong military, that we can do so with out additional conflict.  Our economy is down, however, war is not the way to bring us out of this recession.  Please make sure that you are managing the most important resource our military has, our soldiers, and please keep them out of harms way.

Bless our Troops, their families., and the sacrifices that you all do in the name of our Country and the freedoms we have.

Election 2012

post on November 7th, 2012
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Starting at 6pm MST, the get out to vote mentality was in full swing.  It looked as if Mitt Romney might actually take the presidency earlier in the night with strong showings in the mid-west.  Oklahoma through Texas, managed to provide a very strong showing with Barack Obama kind of flailing in the wind.  Honestly, I was a little worried for the Obama campaign, at least until I figured out that all of Obama’s campaign stops were designed as a firewall approach, in which all forward momentum would cease.  Such as the case in Ohio and Vermont, as when they went to red states, president Obama started to surge back, and then around 8pm MST, the country was sitting about half and half.

Looking at the electoral map, you could tell the population centers were going to be President Obama’s win, which led Mitt Romney for the hopes of landing the Midwest and Northeast, in as much as to swing opinion with the other votes and gain their much needed electoral votes to reach 270 first.  It looked that way, until President Obama took Ohio and Vermont, which was seriously limiting the chances of winning, and as most people were worried about Florida, they slowly made themselves irrelevant as the 270 mark was reached by 10pm MST.  As of this morning, Florida was siting w/in 50 thousand votes and is putting Barack Obama as the winner, however, as I said above, they made themselves irrelevant as the electoral college put the president over the 270 and almost a million votes over in popular vote.  Personally, I am glad that Florida wasn’t the deciding factor, as their behavior and the behavior of the candidates in the past 8 years have nearly put the country against itself with lawsuits and claims of impropriety abound.  I am not sure if the county could have faced another debacle such as that.  It was reported, that Mitt Romney had over 20 legal groups on standby to contest close races in Ohio, Vermont, Florida, and any other state that he could have persuaded, which also tells me that the President would have had a similar count.  That is frustrating, as the voting process should be, at least in a civilized country as the US (the model of election representation world wide) should abide and trust in the system, rather, we are litigation happy and do not care about others.
Here’s an example of our politicians not caring.  Orrin Hatch(r) and Rob Bishop (r) were interviewed after they won their seats, and they were both asked the following:

“We interviewed 400 constituents and asked them if they 1. supported spending cuts, 2. supported tax increases, or 3. some combination of spending cuts and tax increases, and 81% of the respondents favored 3. “some combination of spending cuts and tax increases”.  What do you support and will you support your constituents?”
Their response seemed uniform:

“No, we as republicans do not support any type of tax increases, and the Democratic members of the Senate and Congress, “NOT to mention” the President, better come off their high horse and meet our demands or there will be no chance of any work getting done”.

This belies my problems with our representatives in both the senate and congress, no matter what their political party is.  When did it become ok to have our representatives vote their conscience and not ours?  When did it become ok for our representatives to patronize the electorate and do what they feel is right?  Aren’t they our representatives with in the federal, stage, and local scope(s)?  I guess I’m alone, as I have yet to hear anybody else voice this concern.


Well, hopefully this will be a better term, one in which the elected officials will follow the electorates example and work with each other for the betterment of our country.

Politics in the 10’s

Politics as defined by is the practice or study of the art and science of forming, directing, and administrating states and other political units; the art and science of government; political science:

So, if I was to take the definition above and attempt to draw parallels to our current form of Government, this would be a very short statement, unjust representation of the masses.

Where do we go from here?  We are obviously not happy with any, and I MEAN ANY of our representatives.  Why don’t we try to listen to the topics, study the candidates, and ask the hard questions?  To be brutally honest, as a group, our lives are busy enough trying to keep our jobs, run family members around, and a lot of people prefer to either vote along party lines, listen to some radio personality and automatically take it as fact, and/or strictly trust their party of choice to do the right thing (which means that you just wasted your vote).  Let’s go through the three branches of our government, and see who has the power and who we need to focus on.


Legislative Branch:  Senators and Congressmen elected by their constituents with the promise to represent their districts needs.  Laws are drawn up, debated and with support will pass their perspective groups to be voted on by all of congress and the senate.  if both houses pass the bill, it is then passed to the President for signing into law or being vetoed for one reason or another.  You would think that the representatives we elect into office would manage to find some semblance of what we constituents would like them to vote like.  Well, this is never the case, and our representatives manage to vote their own conscience, leaving us wondering why we voted them in.  Here’s another question that is more rhetorical in nature, however, when did congress or senate positions become careers?  Every state seems to have one or two representatives that have maintained their seat for more than 5 election cycles.  This tends to make the representative, either senate or congress, very inflexible and left wanting to do what it takes to keep their jobs.  This makes a recipe for disaster, in which special interest groups, super pacs, and other elitist minorities get their votes in place of ours.  Do you feel disgruntled with our current political environment?  Do you wish there were term limits?  I asked Orrin Hatch why he continually votes against term limits and he says that too much experience would be lost.  Are you telling me that the country is full of idiots that wouldn’t know how to allow us to self govern in the way that our republic was setup as?  I think not.  This is the reason that the last CNN and ABC poll put the Congressional and Senatorial offices at 8% and 10% satisfaction.  The problem is that we continually vote the wrong people into office.  If we can simply stop voting down party lines and listen to what they are actually saying, the political climate might be considerably different.

Executive Branch: The President and Vice President of the United States of America.  Bills get signed into law or get vetoed based on the power granted by constitutional amendments.  From published papers dating back to the declaration of independence, we have had a mainly two party system, and power has been roughly divided with in any given party, often to the detriment of the American public.  Let’s look at the Carter administration.  From the get go, Carter was fighting an up hill battle with the incumbent republican lead house and senate, and on various occasions, President Carter managed to create a lame duck presidency as the sitting representatives realized that they could buck everything that the president wanted or needed and simply held up anything that the president wanted to forward.  Fast forward to the early to mid 1990’s with President Clinton.  Personal behavior aside, President Bill Clinton has an unbelievable record, especially in the face of a sitting congress that said that their job was to unseat the president.  During his administration, the government managed to gain a 400 million dollar surplus on the federal budget, crime decreased, and militarily (in spite of base closures), we managed the strongest military in the known world.  President Clinton faced quite a lot of back lash and blocking from the house and senate, to such a degree that congress managed to push a government lockout that caused tens of thousands of people to go with out pay and benefits, such as social security and food stamps, to not go out.  Their statement for the entire blocking maneuver was to supposedly show how reckless President Clinton was, and it backfired.  One think I have learned, even up through this president, is that he must be a good leader, a leader that can bridge the gap on all of the present parties.  If this cannot be done, then the most power office in the world becomes an ineffectual figure head.

Judiciary Branch:  This is where the lawyers argue and defend the enacted laws of the United States of America.  Only in recent years, citizens in the minority found out that there were ways to argue/litigate their causes in front of various levels w/in the court system to help define or find case law that will help in their cause.  Effectively this process circumvents the entire Legislative process in which tends to freeze the entire system.  I guess this is where I have a real problem with our current system.  In the past, the idea that the benefits of the many far out weight the benefits of the few, however, with in the past two decades, this premise is no longer valid and has presented itself as an outdated premise.  The new statement, with the help of the legal community and donors with the funds have trampled the old premise to forge “the good of the few outweigh the good of the many”.   By the way, these are the same people that now prevent hot coffee at McDonalds, incessant government requirements, and help the minority sue to overturn the popular vote.  Hell, these are the same groups that help push the hanging chad vote in Florida.  It’s a concerned, disillusioned attorney and judge that feel they can interpret the laws better than the ones that voted and enacted them.

Basically, my dream one day is that we all strive to find more than one source before we fly off the handle (please o’lord do not let it be CNN, Fox News, and/or MSNBC contributors), we reflect on what we as a nation need as a whole and not what we can get out of the system, and most importantly, to hold our representatives accountable for what they do.  It may not feel that our vote counts, however, it’s our only way to show what we want and/or need.  It also, in a large enough group, can get elected officials impeached and can potentially throw away the electoral college and allow us to use popular vote.

This was my two cents and I thank you for your time.

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